Haber Bal

Production Consultancy and Production


    We provide production consultancy in present production fields, and consultancy and application services concerning procurement of new production sites or present production sites. We also maintain technical and consultancy activities for growth or increase of production sites emerging in the course of time and in line with the capacity of production and requirements.

    Meeting your requirements is the top agenda of our list of tasks. We never know place, time and limits for satisfying your needs. Supposing that you are our foreign customer. Then, we realize all your production activities and post-production controls on behalf of you. We enable this production to reach the country where you stay.

    When we stress that we support you and care about your interests, we also would like to share an important detail as the proof of our truthfulness and sincerity. We, Atlas D Ticaret, are capable of solving your commercial liability to pay at certain levels where necessary and without returning it to you.

    Scope of what we can do is beyond these lines. But as we emphasize that we are different and will never be modest in this respect. Let's create the difference together

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